Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement

Order Management and Fulfillment in its simplest form is taking an order and shipping the products. There is a wide variety of process needs in different industries influenced by customer channels, product diversity, and pricing structures. Sumpositive consultants take a systemic approach to build business processes by optimizing the use of people, process and technology for the most effective process flow in order management.

Customer Order Management processes are typically the most specialized processes in a company. This is due to the company’s culture, their products, and the channels they sell to. Other factors such as product configuration, credit review, fulfillment logistics, and product traceability affect the end-to-end order to fulfillment processes. Streamlining the various involved processes to minimize touch points and potential errors improves cycle time and customer service. The majority of the orders in any business usually follow a process that needs to be standardized. By having a well-defined core process, exceptions can be quickly identified and addressed for customers. This includes processes specific to each sales channel, such as domestic or international, to account for any special pricing or handling consideration. Payment and credit factors can be impacted by channel, as well. On the fulfillment side there a can be a variety of processes with regard to how orders are picked, packed and shipped using simple to very complex and automated warehouse management systems. Special packaging, labeling or shipping documentation as dictated by the customer can affect fulfillment along with volumes and physical layout of the warehousing facility. The Sumpositive team has extensive experience in carrying out business process improvements in the functional area of order management and fulfillment across a wide variety of industries to add value to our client’s operation.


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