Implementation of Oracle PLM: Food Manufacturer

Leading Food Manufacturer wanted to accelerate time to market for new products, increase productivity and optimize resources, by adopting a new approach to product information across their product line, naturally flavoured syrups and packaging materials. It also wanted to improve its reporting capabilities and meet increasing audit demands.

Agile Product Data Management provides prebuilt integrations with all bundles and modules within Oracle’s Agile Product Lifecycle Management for Process

Leading Food Manufacturer used Oracle PLM to:
+ Connect people, processes and information in a single system
+ Improve visibility into product data
+ Reduce errors involved in data rekeying
+ Automate product reviews and approvals
+ Improve the quality of supplier data and the traceability of ingredients
+ Enhance supply chain contingency planning
+ Identify areas in which existing materials could be reused

The reforms have empowered manufacturer to reduce cycle times and increase productivity, while minimizing risk in the supply chain, reduces innovation and packaging costs and accelerating the auditing process.

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