Sumpositive LLC swiftness A Medical Equipment Company’ Server Migration; Plays Key Role in Migrating their Server from on-premises to the Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Sumpositive technologies, a global AWS consulting firm specialising in server transformations, is engaged by A Medical Equipment company in migrating their server from on-premises to the Amazon Web Services (AWS). One of the leading trading company specialized for Mother and Baby care products in Retail and Medical division. It has recently launched their own e-commerce portal.

They evaluated several clouds and hosting providers before selecting Amazon Web Services (AWS). The expertize presentation on AWS cloud transformation service impressed to select the Sumpositive LLC. They decided to move its in-house data center and entire IT architecture into Amazon Web Services (AWS). Sumpositive LLC completed the migration in three months, with the help of the AWS Support team. Sumpositive LLC uses AWS Support, CloudWatch, EC2, Route53, S3 to ensure its infrastructure and applications run without interruption. CloudWatch team simplified the process of accessing multiple tables of data to only a single table and it became easy to return the data to our customers. Now our customers get their CloudWatch metrics faster.

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