A case study of Sumpositive LLC Cloud services before and after migration to Amazon AWS

Sumpositive’s cloud migration, modernization, and managed cloud services help organizations migrate and modernize workloads and applications to the cloud, while including expertise that helps meet security requirements and take advantage of the latest technologies.

Key findings

Cloud migration services enabled cloud migration 10 months faster

Faster implementation meant the project was completed in a few months with Sumpositive LLC, not the expected year or more. Migration required fewer resources and had minimal or no impact on customers or other users.

Cloud application modernization services enhanced migration with automation and cloud optimization, saving resource, subscription, and license costs

Our clients not only got their applications and services to the cloud, but AppsNext’s skill and guidance enabled even more application improvements that would have been greatly minimized or not enabled if they made their cloud migration on their own.

Managed cloud services help avoid even more resource costs and keep application migration and modernization benefits consistent

Our clients reported continued benefits and further improvements with ongoing assistance of applications that have moved to the cloud. Example- noting where an unused service may use up resources, or a current service suddenly changes its storage or processing usage. If there’s a security or other issue with cloud platform, their operations center is keeping watch and can notify the client and resolve the issue quickly, within a few hours — even before the client’s customers notice.

Sumpositive’s cloud services helped enable new and improved capabilities, leading to new business opportunities

- A customer that was able to license their platform solution to other organizations.
- Another that highlighted how their modernized solution helped keep up in a highly competitive industry.
- Reduced business risks related to improved security policies and best practices.

Key Challenges

Sumpositive has identified that in order for a cloud migration and modernization strategy to be efficient, applications need to be modernized after they are successfully moved to the cloud. Lifting and shifting applications, while not an end state, enables operational efficiency gains by providing cloud-resident monitoring, provisioning, container, and security tools. One can then rearchitect applications to take advantage of cloud-native technologies.

Lack of technology, development, and/or security experience

Cloud migration is seeming difficult to deal with in prospect. Some organizations expect a long and expensive project, others don’t even know where to start. Regulations including GDPR, HIPAA, and FedRAMP all would require a lot of learning, and implementation would likely see a lot of trial-and-error.

Closing competitive gap

As other organizations in similar fields had or were implementing their own cloud strategies, it was becoming more and more apparent how important their own cloud strategy was and how it should be a schedule priority.

Growing business risk

Legacy infrastructure met current needs but was not able to keep up with security and other infrastructure priorities. Aging infrastructure is more at risk for potential security breaches

Not just cloud, but cloud that drives value

We knew a cloud strategy was necessary, but a simple lift-and-shift may not save costs. Implementing a strategy that would take more advantage of the capabilities that cloud could offer.

Key Results

Our clients selected Sumpositive cloud services to augment their cloud deployment and/or ongoing cloud solution management, enabling several key benefits:

Faster and less intensive migration

The initial phase to get applications to the cloud was months faster and required fewer organizational resources, compared to doing it themselves. Without Cloud Migration Services from Sumpositive and its deployment accelerator, it would have taken 12 to 18 months to complete the migration. It was done in six.

Application modernization unlocked unforeseen value

Sumpositive explained the potential opportunities to their clients to plan the modernization of their applications. With Sumpositive expertise, our clients added a modernization phase to refactor applications and redesign data sources, unlocking much more value than a simple lift-and-shift migration. Many of our clients highlighted the value of Sumpositive’s expertise and recommendations by saying “suggesting we do more than just a lift-and-shift has been an important mindset change for us. We probably wouldn’t have seen any of these benefits.”

Reduced ongoing management costs

Not only did Sumpositive cloud services reduce the need for more IT administration resources, ongoing management, and optimization efforts also helped further reduce organizational resource needs and avoid some ongoing infrastructure costs. Many of our clients saw value from Sumpositive’s monitoring of their cloud platform, including identifying pieces that were no longer necessary to help keep subscription costs lower.

Sumpositive’s security knowledge and expertise helped reduce business risk

Our clients have learned a lot from Sumpositive’s security expertise. They have incorporated a lot of their best practices into their own internal processes and that has led to improve product security as well.

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