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Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

The most-used self-service BI solutions globally

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based suite of business analytics tools that help you gain insights with the power to benefit every aspect of your company’s activities.

Investing in business intelligence solutions like Power BI can be a game-changer for your business.


At Sumpositive LLC, we understand that implementing and maintaining Power BI is a collaborative process between IT and your business. We’re also well-versed in the blind spots involved in collecting and maintaining data.

We partner with your business to deploy BI, fully train users and serve as your dedicated BI liaison. With Sumpositive’s Power BI services, data can become a reliable business ally for everyone in your organization, taking you further, faster.

Sumpositive’s Proven Power BI Services Help You: Confidently Prepare Data to Analyze Getting data ready to analyze can be time-consuming. The data shaping and modeling capabilities of Power BI Desktop help ease this process. However, to guarantee you have the most up-to-date information, you need an experienced Microsoft Power BI-partner like SumPositive to assist in the deployment and management.


The Business Benefits of Power BI

Gain Complete Insight Into Your Company Gone are the days of manually generating reports and sharing with your team. Power BI consolidates information and data across systems, providing a comprehensive view of customer service, financials, inventory, sales and much more. With instant access to dashboards, KPIs and real-time company data, you can monitor change and quickly capitalize on new opportunities.
Business Benefits of Power BI

Curate Custom Content Instantly

Create and publish content packs – including dashboards, reports, and datasets – to your team or your entire business. With custom reports, every user gains a personalized view of the most important business metrics.

Boost Productivity and Collaboration

Too often in business, employees and stakeholders make decisions based on inconsistent or incomplete data. With Power BI Groups, you can easily collaborate with stakeholders to ensure everyone has accurate data and boost productivity across the organization.

Cut Through the Decision-Making Cycle

With Power BI and native apps, you can publish and share interactive reports easily from anywhere, empowering decision-makers with information when and where they need it.

Standardize KPIs and Create Accountability

Quantifying goals and confidently tracking progress isn’t always an exact science, and this uncertainty can stall your long-term goals. With thorough reports, you can assign accountability to particular KPIs, align business activity with strategic goals and reach milestones faster.

Have All Your Data in One Place

Access your data regardless of its form or where it lives, including Excel spreadsheets, cloud services, streaming data, and on-premises databases. Implementing Power BI provides a holistic view of the most essential metrics for your business. With touch-enabled native apps for Windows, iOS, and Android, you can access all your data from anywhere and eliminate duplicate content.

Champion Power BI Across Your Business

Implementing Power BI is the first step in gaining a clear view of your business. But much of the work occurs after BI is rolled out. Once set up, Sumpositive will champion its growth and adoption across your business. To ensure you’re generating complete and accurate metrics, we work with you regularly to add data and reports to the platform.

Fully Utilize Power BI with User Training

User training is also critical. Without key employees pulling reports and fully engaging in the platform, the solution won’t do much to propel your business forward. Sumpositive provides comprehensive user training to make sure Power BI becomes a helpful, user-friendly solution for Everyone.